Frequently Asked Questions

Your Perdue Wellness Center is your primary care provider. Whenever you need to see a doctor, you’ll get the most value from your medical plan by using the Wellness Center. For your convenience, our most commonly asked questions are answered right here.

Q: Are appointments necessary?

A: We do accept walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis.  If possible, call or email your location to schedule an appointment.  This will ensure that you can get in to see the provider at a convenient time for you.

Q: What do I do if I need a prescription?

A: Your Perdue Wellness Center can provide you with free samples of many common generic drugs, and your Perdue Wellness Center health professional can write your prescription.

Q:  Does Perdue HealthWorks take care of lab work?

A:  You can take advantage of the Your Perdue Benefits no-cost lab tests through the Perdue Wellness Center. You are charged just $5 to cover the cost of the collection fee.

Q:  Need to see a specialist?

A:  Your Perdue Wellness Center health professional can provide the referral necessary to get the maximum coverage.

Q:  Is any of the information disclosed that I provide to a Perdue HealthWorks physician?

A: When you visit the Perdue Wellness Center, you’ll have the same privacy as when visiting any other doctor’s office.

Q: How does the quality of care compare to a conventional doctor’s office?

A: Perdue hires highly qualified physicians and nurse practitioners to take care of you and your family. These are the same health professionals who treat your friends and neighbors, and who practice in your community. The Perdue nursing staff is licensed and ready to make sure you and your covered family members get the proper care.

Q:  How much will it cost me to take advantage of Perdue HealthWorks services?

A: For associates and dependents covered by Your Perdue Benefits, the cost to visit the Perdue Wellness Center is only a $15 co-pay.  Luckily, you can see the doctor on the clock so time away from your job is not necessary.

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